Josh Leichtung
Virtual Reality Recruiter

Finding and hiring top notch VR/AR talent with the right experience is tough. Josh’s deep connections in this space encompass Oculus, VIVE, HoloLens, medical device manufacturers, etc…  His talent crosses a wide range of positions from C-level on down, including:

  • VR Architects
  • VR Developers
  • VR Engineers
  • VR Marketing
  • VR Business Development
  • VR Creative Directors
  • VR Animators
  • VR Product Managers


  • VR Game Designers
  • VR Program Managers
  • VR Sales
  • VR Designers & Storytellers
  • VR Producers
  • VR Strategists
  • VR R&D
  • VR Sound Designers


VR Executive Search

We Find the Best Candidates

The best candidates aren’t looking, and are happy & successful where they are. Sorry, ads just don’t attract the best people. In VR, you need a headhunter to talk to them, and find the people that would fit your company culture, with all the right skills.

Headhunters sell candidates

Selling Candidates on Your Company

We have over 25 years of experience in selling an opportunity without divulging a company’s identity.  Since we have an extensive network in place already, we know the candidate’s hot-buttons, and are able to obtain the best talent available for you.

Your Competitive Advantage

Many clients don’t like us to advertise the fact that we work for them.  If your biggest competitive advantage was getting the best and the brightest, would you?  Never heard of us?  It’s OK. Our clients keep coming back to us. Perhaps you should try us and find out why for yourself.

Josh Leichtung - VR/AR Executive Recruiter

Call Josh Leichtung For VR/AR Recruiting

In recruiting for augmented reality and virtual reality positions there’s more than matching skills on a resume to a job description. Your executive recruiter should be able to read between the lines… I do.  Since I’m working in the trenches as a consultant too, I’m better able to discern a top candidate, and therefore, save my clients time & effort in the search process by bringing only on-target candidates that will fit their culture.

?Josh Leichtung   ✉   ☎ 415-766-7236